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These Stunning Spring Shoe Trends Are a Feast for Your Eyeballs

These Stunning Spring Shoe Trends Are a Feast for Your Eyeballs

Summer isn’t technically over, but what better way to ignore the fact that it’s soon coming to a close than to daydream over these lust-worthy spring/summer 2020 shoe trends? From candy-colored knee-high boots to pair with any of your flowy spring dresses to chunky flatforms that promise height and comfort, there’s a variety of options ranging from trendy to functional. Here, 10 shoe trends that’ll make you go, “Is it next spring yet?”

1. Colorful Boots

Colorful boots are here to stay. Knee-high length is the fashionable height of the moment, but you can opt to go shorter too.


2. Colorful Boots


3Colorful Boots
4. Updated Thong

Flip-flops were big this past summer, but these hot-weather classics are anything but touristy.

5. Updated Thong


6. Updated Thong
7.Mary Janes

Who doesn’t love a schoolgirl reference? Wear them at the office or at brunch. They’re polished and fun at the same time—especially with tights and socks.

8. Mary Janes
9.Mary Janes

The ’90s style goes with virtually anything, from jeans to dresses. Try a pair in a fun pistachio shade!


11. Mule
12. Mule
13.Functional Sandal

The Birkenstock-esque sandal isn’t going away come spring if the runways had anything to say about it.


14. Functional Sandal
15.Functional Sandal
16.Square Toe

FINALLY, a break from the pointy toe. The square toe lets your little toes breathe and feel less squished together.

17.Square Toe
18.Square Toe

Who doesn’t love a comfy sandal? These ones also give you the added bonus of extra height, if you’re into that.



Go all out with straps to your knee or go a bit more low-key with them just at your ankle.


25.Sock Trainers

Is it a shoe or a sock? Not completely sure, but it looks oh-so-comfy (and who among us misses lacing up sneakers?)!


26. Sock Trainers
27. Sock Trainers
28. Floral Patterns

Yes, florals come around almost every spring and summer, but it still feels weird not to include? Opt for neons or more subtle pinks with this trend.


29. Floral