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Wedding Shoes 


Are you looking for wedding shoes for your "Big Day" made by leather? Then, you are to the right place!
Every bride is looking for comfortable wedding sandals without neglecting the style. Find here wedding flat sandals for every wedding theme (modern, bohemian, alternative, romantic, whimsical, vintage, rustic, garden party or casual). Are you looking for bridal shoes for you and your bridesmaids? Find yours amongst a variety of extraordinary designs that will accompany in your honeymoon as well.
We design wedding shoes totally handmade by using the highest quality of Greek Leather which is originated in Crete. Handmade bridal shoes that you can wear again and again! You can wear them not only in your wedding ceremony but also a long time after this special day! There is a big variety of unique designs with many exquisite details and fashion materials that you will match perfectly with your wedding dress and we ensure that you will catch everybody’s eye and will get a lot of compliments.
Browsing through our bridal sandals collection, you can find summer bridal sandals, heeled sandals, white ballet shoes, and white pumps even white rubber sneakers especially for those brides who prefer a pair of wedding shoes totally in casual style. Shop classic colors nude, light blue and white bridal shoes which are decorated with materials like romantic white cotton embroidered laces, rhinestones chains, shells, beads, pearls gold and silver plated motifs.
We hope you have a great shopping experience!
More designs incoming... Stay tuned!

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