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About Us!

Best Handmade Leather Sandals 

Hi! My name is Christina, born and raised in Greece. I am a graduate of Management Business Administration and the founder plus designer of Pinky Promise brand.
I always found interest in creating accessories by myself, since i can remember myself, i was always making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for me and my friends. I started getting appraisals for my creations and that's when everything started.
Going public was my first goal that's why I opened my Etsy shop in 2016 in order to share my creations with the public. At first jewelries where my initial products but my love and passion for shoes caught my attention and started decorating women sandals since 2017. At this point many of you might be wondering, "why sandals?", hmmm... cause they are special, stylish, chic and give me the freedom to rework them from scratch. Given my love for summer, it goes without saying that core elements of this season occupy most of my creations, the sun's radiant colors, the mesmerizing blue of the Aegean sea, the golden glimpses of the Greek islands sand dunes take their prominent place upon my collections.
I choose to design bohemian sandals not only because it is some sort of a trend but because it is a way of life but within which I can express my individuality and I can achieve that, through my creations and my limitless and free spirit character. Through countless of my most adored materials and colors combinations I can express my unique personality in order to make the best boho sandals. “Boho chic” style is characterized by natural tones with splashes of color, flowy fabrics, patterns, flowers, and excessive yet vintage and ethnic-inspired accessories.
I quickly realized right after I started creating and designing sandals in Athens that the public's interest was getting huge. From all over the world, I was and still getting daily messages in my social media accounts telling me how beautiful my designs are, and courage me to keep doing this amazing work. There is no better motivation for my daily self and work evolvement other than the appraisals I get from all those people, that is why I give my everything in every single one of my designs.
Our sandals are made in Greece! Each pair is made from genuine Greek leather that is originated in Crete, and is entirely handmade. We carefully select all skins which are only processed with natural means, thus ensuring them to be human-friendly, upon use. The chemical free, natural tan leather ages beautifully as time passes by and becomes better every single day. The more you wear them, the more beautiful they look. We have experienced artisans who are using traditional techniques to achieve the highest quality for the product. The craftsmen that we cooperate, are specialized with over 30 years of experience in leather process.
We decorate the best leather sandals in Athens, in our small artistic workshop, choosing premium materials in our continuous efforts to give the best results to our creations. We combine various decorative materials to create unique sandals for women, such as embroidered trims, wedding laces, ceramic beads, semiprecious stones, shells, natural pearls, Swarovski crystals beads, wooden beads, friendship bracelets, pom poms and gold plated charms. Finally, we supply all these materials from Greek producers in order to produce an entirely Greek product.
All of our handmade sandals are made with a special emphasis up to the last detail. So no one pair of sandals is exactly alike, just similar to each other. That makes each pair of sandals unique, special and one of a kind. The feeling that you wear a handmade accessory is amazing because it is not only beautiful but also unique. Individuality or the sense of real uniqueness is important in the women’s' fashion world.
Our collections of handcrafted sandals are a great combination of a fresh point of fashion, using classic artisanal leather with colorful details. Every design has a story! I design handcrafted sandals which are affected definitely by my mood. The creation of a design becomes easier, more funny and interesting when I am happy. I express my feelings on my creations and I believe that the women who receive my handcrafted sandals feel the same emotion like me. This is the most important for me.
Our sandals collections are inspired by everything in my life, my childhood, the flowers that I have in my garden, the music that I listen, the country that I have born and raised. The tradition, the colors, the beauty and the weather of Greece help my imagination to design the most unique sandal collections. As you already know, Greece is well known for its tradition, the culture, the ancient history, the mythology, the sculptures, the picturesque islands, the idyllic beaches, and the romantic sunsets. All these inspired me to make an outstanding piece, the best leather sandals in Athens.
Now, how an inspiration becomes a reality. There is no always a pattern or a route that I should follow. I have the main idea and I should start building the design around this. For example, I would like to make something bright with vivid colors, or playful using feathers, friendship bracelets and fringes, or something more natural and earthy using shells and pearls. Sometimes, I start the creative process by a color or just by a material that I have found, and loved.
To create handmade sandals needs a lot of time. It takes several hours to make a design. Of course, it depends on the design. The creation process requires concentration, persistence and patience. That’s why a handmade accessory is a “slow fashion” product. 
We hope you enjoy browsing through our collection in which you can find wedding shoes for brides, colorful sandals and sandals for kids, leather platforms with colorful patterns.
More designs are coming soon!
So stay tuned…