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How to wear pastel colors - Street style Ideas

Say hello to Pastels, baby! It's no surprise, pastels are back in trend, as they are here to stay for a long time, until true ladies are alive. We see so many beautiful lemon, mint, pale pink and dusty blue hues around. I made my mind to create this stunning post on how to wear pastel colors in the streets. Of course, pale pink and pastel blue are well known shades what are very simple to combine with basic colors. Even if girlish look isn't typically your style, you can adopt some of the cool tonal pieces what will make you feel cool and ladylike. Wanna see more? Check out more looks below.


If you are a beginner in the world of pastels, then I recommend you to stick to the basics at first and then upgrade your look by adding more shades and soft hues. I bring you the most affordable style tips on how to wear pastels this year. Stick to these rules and you will be always in center of everyone's attention. You can always stick to minimalism. Yes, you should never overdo with pastel shades. Believe me, sometimes one color head-to-toe pastel look can be too much. Try to keep things more basic and use one or maximum two pastel colored garments in one outfit. You can wear pastels with neutral colors. Yes, do not be afraid of mixing and matching pastels with neutral hues. Think of the perfect balance, as you can mix pale green or pastel mint with grey or cream tones.










The color blocking pastel look is no exception. You can mix more than two pastels in one look. Go for simple cuts and details. You can add a contrast by adding a bright accessory. Speaking of hair colors and skin tones, if you are dark skinned girl then you better go for lighter shades and creamy tones, but if you have a lighter skin, then you better go for rich pastels. Pastels look awesome on blondes, while brunettes and redheads should go for pastel accents without wearing fully pastel colored looks.





I think everyone wants to know about possibilities of wearing pastels with black and white clothes. Believe me, this is the best way of wearing pastels. You can never go wrong wearing pastels with black or white separates. You can either wear pastel jeans with white or black top and complete the look by adding cool sandals or platform shoes. You can always replace black with soft grey or beige, as some girls and ladies think of black as something too much grungy. Personally, I love pairing pastels with white. Just imagine pale blue and white or blush and white, sounds sexy and sweet. 







If you are one of those babes who wants to try combining pastels with brights, then you better try this playful and vibrant combo. This way you will show off your creativity and uniqueness. You can go for mint green pants and bright green blazer worn atop plain white t-shirt, or you can try neutral top with pretty pastel trousers and bright shoes. Don't forget about mixing pastels with bright prints. I love these kind of combos, they look quite intriguing and romantic. For instance, you can try on pastel blouse in pale blue and pair it with white skirt in peach and blue abstract print. Thinking of monochrome pastel looks? You can always make a smashing look by picking a single pastel shade for entire outfit. This will elongate your silhouette and jazz up your persona.










Of course you can wear pastels in fall and winter months. Just imagine yourself wearing a pastel colored sweater paired with black and dark wash blue jeans, looks pretty awesome, right? You can add pastel colored coats. Don't forget about pastel accessories wearing with neutral color clothes. Speaking of pastel looks incorporated with other color accessories, then I recommend to stick to neutral or bright accessories shades. The modern street style rules suggest us mixing and matching contrasting styles, so you better create outstanding looks so you can appear in fashion street style blogs.