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Handmade bohemian sandals, 100% genuine Greek leather, "Cinderella"

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl, Cinderella. One night, her fairy - godmother visited her and gave her a dress, a cab and a pair of glass slippers in order to go to Prince's dance. The prince was impressed! As he didn't know anything about her, he decided to find her, using the glass slipper that she left on the stairs, letting the women in the area to try it out to see if it suited . Her sisters who are mistreated her, were trying hard and painfully to wear the shoe in order to win the prince, but in vain, as it only fitted into the Cinderella, who the prince married.

The "Cinderella" sandals are made by genuine leather and are handsewn, embellished with chain crystals in milk white crystals! 



Fit - Normal
Straps and insole - Genuine leather 
Sole - Durable rubber
Heel height - 1.5 cm



35 4.5 2
36 5 3
37 4
38 7 5
39 8 6
40 9 7
41 10 8
42 11 9

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♦️ Please note that due to handmade nature of each product may vary slightly from the photographs! Slight variations in the color shades are possible.

♦️ Pinky Promise footwear are handmade very carefully up to the last detail with the respect to the customer. They are one of a kind, outstanding, durable, designed by qualitative materials.



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The Pinky Promise sandals are available in EU sizes. Due to the handmade nature, the sizing may differ slightly among the different styles. Please read carefully the descriptions about the sizing recommendations for each product. Also keep in mind that our sandals are made by genuine leather, which means, that they will stretch after wearing them and will adjust to the shape of your feet. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they will become!










22.5 cm

8.8 in




23 cm

9 in




24 cm

9.4 in




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