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What sandals to wear to a beach wedding

What sandals to wear to a beach wedding

Are you wondering what sandals to wear to a beach wedding? As the bride, do you need to have a specific pair of wedding sandals and, if so, what kind of details should you look for? You’ve come to the right place!
beach wedding sandals
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In this post, we’ll tell you what sandals are perfect to wear for beach ceremonies and why the bride might want to wear sandals or flats instead of heels.
Also, another burning question you may have… what kind of shoes to wear to a beach wedding as a guest? That’s easy: anything from this collection!
And we’ll let you in on a secret: there’s ONE THING everyone wearing wedding sandals needs to do, yet they often forget. (Yikes!) What is it? Find out below!

Beach Wedding Sandals 

If you’re wondering where to buy wedding sandals, there’s good news: bridal-ready sandals, embellished to make them look less like casual sandals and more wedding-ready are out there… and there are tons of them!
We always love to find the best wedding sandals for you guys, so when we spotted these handmade Greek sandals at Pinky Promise Accessories, we couldn’t wait to share them with you.

You likely already know this, but as the bride, the last thing you want to do is wear a pair of heels in the sand.
No one wants to be featured on a YouTube fail video, ya know, tripping down the aisle… especially when you’re the bride!
Even with an aisle runner or a little boardwalk in place before you get to the actual sandy ceremony space, it’s almost impossible to walk on sand. Do yourself a favor and wear beach wedding sandals instead.
So, you need wedding sandals… check! That one’s easy.

Next: what kind of wedding sandals to wear? That’s a big question. You can wear pretty much any pair of wedding shoes you’d like; you can even go barefoot if you choose. Some brides wear wedding wedges, espadrilles, or flats; a pair of wedding sandals, though, are designed to be worn in the sand and will glide nice and easily down the aisle.
This means you can actually make eye contact with your guests and your soon-to-be spouse, rather than accidentally looking down the entire time wondering if your shoes will make the steps without getting stuck. ;)
The wedding sandals we’ve found for you today are HANDMADE (yay!) and totally begging to be worn on the sand. Once you get a glimpse of the beautiful beach sandals, you’ll wonder where they / PinkyPromiseAccessories has been all your life! Awesome job, Christina!
So, from the wedding day to your honeymoon yurt on an island (sipping pineapple drinks + wearing this), these sandals have got you covered.
Your next new favorite pair of shoes is waiting.
Let’s take a look!

Wedding Sandals


1. Bridal floral wedding sandals
These are my FAVORITE pair from this shop! I love the way the lace wraps around the ankles and that floral embellishment is perfect for the bride. Named Evriti and it is already a very popular sandal this season amongst brides!
beach wedding sandals
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2. Pearl and leather bridal sandals
These delightful sandals have the perfect balance of bridal pearls mixed with beach-ready leather sandals. I love this look! Named Aigina.
wedding sandals
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3. White and opal leather wedding sandals
This pair of sandals is named Daphne and is a glamorous style for brides. They are decorated with crystal chain in white opal shade and completely hand-sewn onto the leather straps. These wedding sandals are made with genuine Greek leather.
bridal sandals
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4. Gold bohemian-inspired
These gorgeous sandals are made of genuine leather and are hand-sewn and hand-embellished with chain crystals and white crystals. They have a cute zipper in the back and they’re made of shiny gold. Named Valentina.
leather sandals
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5. Daisy wedding sandals
You never even knew you wanted or needed a pair of daisy wedding sandals until seeing THESE! Am I right? I love this pair of sandals, embellished with charming daisy flowers. Made of genuine + comfortable leather; perfect for your daisy themed wedding or spring/summer garden wedding. This pair is appropriately named Gerbera. :)
wedding sandals for bride
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6. Peony inspired pink bridal sandals
Inspired by my favorite flower — and the fan-favorite of brides everywhere! — is this pair of peony sandals! I know you guys love peonies because you’re still going nuts over this. But back to the shoes — how gorgeous are these?! The sweet ruffly look is also a cute touch. Named Peonia.
pink wedding sandals
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7. Gold jeweled bridal sandals
These cool, leather sandals are named Imalia and it couldn’t be more appropriate! You’ll look awesome wearing these shoes down the aisle; 
wedding sandals pearl
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Additional questions:
Are these beach sandals just for the bride?
No! If you’re wondering what shoes to wear to a beach wedding as a guest, there are pairs of leather beach sandals here for you, too. It’s not just for the bride; many guests and bridesmaids love to wear these beach wedding shoes, too!
Are these sandals ONLY for beach weddings?
Heck, no! These sandals are for bridal wear for spring or summer weddings of any kind. If you want to wear sandals as your wedding shoes, that’s completely up to you. You’re the bride, so you get to decide. :)
And before we go… what is the one thing many people wearing wedding sandals forget to do? GET A PEDICURE!
This can’t be stressed enough!
Whether you’re wearing beach sandals to a wedding as a guest or you’re the bride, you’d be surprised how many times people forget to get their nails done (or DIY their own pedicure) before the big day.
If you are planning to wear sandals, here’s what you need to do:
Schedule yourself for a pedicure.
Ideally, it’s a fun way to kick back with your Maid of Honor or bridesmaids, your mom, or just go solo and enjoy a little pampering. Get your nails done a few days before the wedding — but not more than 1 week prior. This ensures they look super fresh! 


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Pinky Promise Accs is a Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride. Christina is super-sweet to work with and very helpful; you’ll love working with her! You can contact her / ask questions / inquire about your wedding sandals here.
OK, bye for now, chat soon. I hope you enjoyed these beautiful sandals!
Happy Planning!